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APS School Announcements

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A Brief Overview Of APS School

The APS School, Chirawa being among the best school in Chirawa, Rajasthan, is committed to nurturing global grade learners who will be independent thinkers with our holistic approach coupled with comprehensive guidance and leadership. We hope to nurture responsible and self-disciplined leaders who are mindful and skilled to meet the challenges of the future with enthusiasm and confidence. Owing to our smaller strengths teachers can focus on each student's learning. Progress and encourage them to question, speculate, study and examine their own strengths and weaknesses.
Our Aim

Why Choose APS School

  • Quality Education with Affordable Fee Structure.
  • Various Scholarship Schemes Available for Talented and Needy Students.
  • Smart Classrooms & Huge Library with peaceful Environment.
  • 24x7 Access to Internet.
  • Well-Equipped Science Lab to experience Science Learning with Experiments.
  • Qualified and Dedicated Team to give better results.

Our Facilities Help Students Achieve Excellence

Smart Class

Technology has become an integral part of education system in present times. The visuals strengthened with the fantastic audio consisting of voices of various characters add to the interest of the learners thus making teaching-learning quiet effective. The institution has many such rooms equipped with latest gadgets to meet with this purpose, Our smart board have enabled the teacher to use technology to reinforce introduced concepts by the mix of audio and visual aid which has improved the students experience in the class with better grasp of concepts.


They offer a rich stock house of knowledge that remains forever with an individual throughout his life. Keeping the importance of books in view, a spacious well - stocked library serves as a special feature of the school. Books related to different subject and fields are available for the students besides Newspapers, Magazines and Journals. Having separate arrangements for students and teachers, this place becomes the best one for them during leisure and in need.

Science Lab

The Science labs are equipped with necessary tools, systems, devices and infrastructure. We appreciate the importance of the lab for a science student and make every effort to enrich the learning experience inside the lab.

The Words Of Our Mentor

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